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Alaina Mickes

Product Design

“In the end, a leader is only as great as her team, and it has been an honor to be a part of the best team in the world.”

A self-described “thinker, maker and former French baker,” Summer 2016 Student Leadership Award-winner Alaina Mickes came to ArtCenter with prior degrees in art, an eclectic history of professional experiences, and the determination to be a driving force in College student life.

Mickes’ peer students, faculty and staff lauded her as the “epitome of a student leader” due to her positive attitude, generous spirit, enthusiasm and empathy. They also praised her support for others, her ability to motivate successful collaborations and her willingness to take on risks and ask tough questions.

Mickes served as an invaluable mentor as an Orientation Leader, a teaching assistant, and as vice president of the Women in ID club. Mickes also proved herself a classroom leader in two PENSOLE footwear design workshops; the INSEAD study away program in Singapore; several DesignStorm® workshops the Bioengineering Innovations project with UCLA; and the expansion and redesign of the Venice Family Clinic.

Story by Mike Winder


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