Keith Haring Mural

In 1989, artist and activist Keith Haring was invited to paint a mural at ArtCenter’s Hillside Campus to serve as a “permanent memorial to members of the art community who have died of AIDS and as a symbol of hope and compassion.”

The mural was painted over two days in conjunction with the second annual World AIDS Day (then called AIDS Awareness Day) and as part of the first-ever Day Without Art. Today, covering a large wall across from the Fogg Library entrance, it offers a daily source of inspiration to the College’s growing community of students focused on social impact art and design. Haring’s painting also stands as a tribute to Haring himself, who died of AIDS-related complications in February 1990, just two months after the ArtCenter public work was completed.

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Archivist Recovers Lost Video of Keith Haring at ArtCenter

I spent two days filming and taking photographs of Keith Haring while he painted the mural. For me, Keith is still alive because his works still feel fresh and creative. The impact of his works still grows.

Hadi SalehiPhotography Alumnus, Former Faculty Member