Denhart Family Sustainability Scholarship Prize

The ability of natural and human systems to sustain themselves and flourish is the critical challenge of our time. Art and design sit at the nexus of these systems and create the connections that give us shelter, mobility, communication, comfort and quality of life.

How artists and designers steward those connections—between material and function, culture and technology, ecosystems and commerce, and equity and well-being—is the key to our future and the basis for the College's Sustainability Initiatives.

ArtCenter, together with the Denhart Family, created the Denhart Family Sustainability Scholarship Prize in 2011, to support the College's developing curriculum in comprehensive design and fosters in students, faculty and staff recognition of environmental responsibility and a commitment to social good.

To date, more than $200,000 in scholarships has been awarded to students whose work prioritizes environmental, social and/or economic sustainability.

Nomination and Selection Process

To be nominated for The Denhart Family Sustainability Scholarship Prize, individual students or student teams submit a concept or project for review by completing an application packet. A small committee—including a guest juror with subject matter expertise—makes their selection based on our students' ability to create and present new, exciting, holistic steps forward through art and design. Current students can find more information Inside ArtCenter (login required).

The Denhart Awards recognize a range of outstanding projects that exemplify thoughtful research, responsible design, innovation and invention.

Heidrun Mumper-DrummDirector, Sustainability Initiatives

Award Recipients


Guest Juror / Yvon Chouinard, Patagonia

1st / Wooyoung Lee / Think Sink
2nd / Sung "Ryan" Hoon / This Is a Man's World
3rd / John Roelofs | Map of the Stumps, Graft, Pine Forest


Guest Juror / Henrik Fisker, Fisker Automotive

1st / Rayyan Toh / EATUP
2nd / Katrina Hercules, Sam Li and Yang Cai / Saga
3rd/ Alex Carbunon and Ji A You / GiraDora


Guest Juror / Franz von Holzhausen, Tesla

1st / Sam Julius / Sustainable Urban Housing
2nd / Carolina Rodriguez / Papa
3rd / Connie Bakshi and Rudy Rummel / Tejo Conejo


Guest Juror / Kristin Browne, Walt Disney Imagineering

1st / Martin Francisco / Oath
2nd / Mariko Higaki Iwai, Sohyun Kim and Tatijana Vasily / Flo
3rd / Daniel Bromberg and Carolina Rodriguez / c.r.o.p.


Guest Juror / Dr. Jerry Schubel, Aquarium of the Pacific

1st / Alvin Oei / The Healing Tree
2nd / Busarin Chumnong / Warmth of Nature
3rd / Miranda Lapour / spout
SR / Reese Butler / CARE: Climb and Remove Alpine Waste
SR / Bernard Mitchell / Anoscape


Guest Juror / Carrie Childs, Patagonia

1st / Adriana Avendano and Alejandro Jimenez / Casa-Ikiru
2nd / Miranda Lapour and Matthew Simon / Coaniquem red
3rd / Cullen Townsend / 'zine (salmon overfishing)
SR / Anna Meddaugh / Night Loo
SR / Charlie Hodges / The Urbanette


Guest Juror / Jessie Kawata, Microsoft

1st / Marie-Louise Elsener / Aquora
2nd / Mana Koike / sweep
3rd / Andres Zavala / Nest
SR / Dewey Yu / packlight


Guest Juror / Tom Szaky, Founder and CEO, TerraCycle

1st / Yanhui Ban, Jamie Jooyoung Lee and Jihae Lee / Airo
2nd / Weixin Huang and Veilinda Rusli / The Healing Garden
2nd / Vivian Chen (with Yuning Tang, Connie Zhou and Michael Zhu) / Reimagine EXPO
2nd / Yanqi Li / Dropian
3rd / Weizi Song / Grounded
3rd / Cosme Cruzfor / Healing Buddies
SR / Atif Ekulona | ArtHaus
SR / Joey Serricchio / What We Leave Behind
SR / Keiji Ishida / International National


Guest Juror / Margaret Sanchez, California Air Resources Board

1st / Andy Seunghark Cho / Wella re-design
2nd / Ahyoung Roh / eVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing) vehicles
3rd / Fangting Liu / Plastic Armor
SR / Diego Buller / KOA Connekt
SR / Jordan Atkins / Destroy World Save Earth

* SR = Special Recognition

** In recognition of the 10th Anniversary of the Denhart Sustainability Prize, and the 90th Anniversary of ArtCenter, the jury awarded an additional $25,000 in 2020