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Web3 in Practice: Inside the Studio with Nancy Baker Cahill

Tuesday, August 09, 2022

5:00 PM PDT - 6:00 PM PDT Add to Calendar


Join us for Session 2 in our Web3 Summer Series featuring Nancy Baker Cahill.

At the intersection of fine art, social justice and emerging technology, Nancy is known for pushing boundaries, building paths and uncovering new spaces for artistic action, experience and research.

Consistently drawing from a wide range of technologies and mediums, her work has pioneered many of the core components of Web3 including the VR, AR and XR foundations of Metaverse, as well as Blockchain and NFTs.

In this session, Nancy will share three recent projects that highlight the intertwining opportunities, complexities and pitfalls of working with Web3 technologies.

Hosted by Professional Education + Career and Professional Development at ArtCenter