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To Publish or Not to Publish? With Mary Virginia Swanson

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

7:30 pm - 9:00 pm Add to Calendar

Ahmanson Auditorium
Hillside Campus
1700 Lida St
Pasadena, CA 91103

The journey to bring your completed project to the book form can take many paths, from utilizing "print-on-demand" technology to working closely with an experienced team of publishing professionals to choosing to self-publish and/or produce your book in small or limited editions. Depending on the role of a publication in your artistic practice, one thing is certain: there is much to consider well in advance of making decisions.

In this richly illustrated "big picture" presentation, Mary Virginia Swanson will explore the similarities (and differences) between seeking and securing a traditional publisher for your work vs. assuming all aspects of self-publish your book project. Pros/cons of each, path, plus advice on gaining knowledge surrounding production options, maximizing book launch and marketing timelines, and critical resources to help bringing your book to its ideal audience will be shared with the audience. Time will be allocated for Q&A with attendees.

About the presenter Mary Virginia Swanson

Mary Virginia Swanson has dedicated her career to helping artists find the strengths in their work, identify appreciative, responsive audiences, and present their work in an informed and professional manner. A respected contributor to the field, she frequently serves as a Portfolio Reviewer, Judge at contemporary photography and photobook competitions, and conducts public presentations at festivals throughout the year.

Swanson is co-author with Darius Himes of Publish Your Photography Book, first released in 2011, and updated in 2014 (Princeton Architectural Press). Radius Books recently published their greatly expanded Third Edition (August 2023) offering a window into publishing and self-publishing photobooks today. She has launched a dedicated website for the book, accessible by all: www.publishyourphotographybook.com

About the presenter Dario Solari

Dario Solari (b.1978) is a California based Multidisciplinary creative, trained as an Architect. In early 2023 he founded Untitled, a curated bookshop and event space, after having run multiple online bookshops and having provided book design consulting services for over a decade. In 2023, Dario founded Untitled. Located in Echo Park, Untitled is an event space and bookshop that offers a meticulously curated assortment of collectible vintage and contemporary visual arts books showcasing a plethora of genres including music, design, architecture, the visual arts and some classic literature.

Free and open to all. RSVP required.