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May 25, 2018
Produced by: Christine Spines

Change Lab Episode 13: Courtney Martin on Activism and Inspiring Social Justice through Writing

Courtney E. Martin is a recognized author, cultural critic, TED Speaker, social activist and weekly columnist for the Webby Award-inning website, On Being. Her work is vulnerable yet powerful, filled with cultural insights and passionate appeals for social change to create a better world.

If you think you need to save the world, then the world is an object that you are not a part of.

Courtney Martin

Courtney has said that she writes the books she needs to read. In doing so, she is the literary equivalent of a first responder, lending her voice to some of today’s most urgent issues, bringing context, compassion and a call to action to the conversation.

In today's deep and poignant discussion, Courtney explores her two selves: the one who's brave and the one who's afraid. She also shares about her writing process, her convictions about the healing power of community and why she doesn't believe any one person can save the world.

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