Illustration from Carl Jung
Detail of an illustration from Red Book by Carl Jung.

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December 04, 2018
Produced by: Christine Spines

Change Lab Podcast Episode 20

Dr. James Hollis on Hearing (and Answering) the Call to Create

Dr. James Hollis is a celebrated Jungian analyst and prolific author whose work examines the internal and external forces driving the need to lead a meaningful and creative life. Hollis has published fifteen books and over fifty articles and has mentored Jung societies on four continents for nearly forty years. His writings have informed the practice and broad application of Jungian psychology in therapeutic and creative settings around the world. His sphere of influence includes ArtCenter President, Lorne Buchman, whose admiration for Hollis’ books evolved into an academic collaboration and lasting friendship.

Your calling is to become a vehicle for what wants to enter life through you.

Hollis is a Zurich–trained Jungian analyst who currently serves as the Executive Director of the Jung Society of Washington, DC. He is also the Vice President emeritus of the Philemon Foundation, dedicated to publishing the unpublished works of Jung and the founder and first Director of Jungian Studies for Saybrook University.

In a probing and profound conversation recorded a few blocks from the Capitol in Washington DC, Hollis discussed the creative potential of entering a state of uncertainty, the role of dreams in fuelling the imagination and the integral relationship between creativity and the soul.

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