April 03, 2020

Summer 2020 classes and campus operations

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff,

As we turn our attention to the Summer term, I am writing to communicate the following official updates:

  • All ArtCenter programs will be entirely online this Summer
  • While studio courses will not yet be possible given state and local guidelines, Chairs and faculty have developed an array of exciting and innovative courses that will distinguish this Summer term from anything we have done in the past
  • Chairs and faculty are leveraging the flexibility of online platforms to engage acclaimed guest artists and designers from around the world
  • Taking a Lite term in Summer 2020 will not be counted as part of ArtCenter’s two Lite-term limit
  • As a statement of care for our students, and in recognition of the financial hardships many are facing, ArtCenter will provide a one-time $3,000 grant to be applied to Summer 2020 tuition for every student who enrolls full-time in the Summer 2020 term
  • ArtCenter will waive the $330 Universal Access Fee for all students this Summer, full-time or part-time

In sum, full-time Summer students will receive—through the Summer grant and the fee waiver—a total of $3,330 off of Summer tuition and fees. This amount is  in addition to all other sources of financial aid available for students.

The financial accommodations for the Summer term are in addition to the current program of financial assistance we have established, which we will continue indefinitely:

  • Emergency relief funding for any students with food or housing insecurity;
  • Emergency relief funding for students who are out of work due to the pandemic or are experiencing a family loss of income;
  • Equipment loans to students and reimbursements for broadband Internet use at home for those in need;
  • Accommodation in future terms to students who cannot complete work this Spring due to the lack of access to campus facilities;
  • Special accommodations to graduating students (details forthcoming from the Provost on Monday).

Here are the details for the Summer:

Summer registration

Online registration for Summer term officially begins this Monday, April 6, 2020. Students should follow the usual procedures for registering for summer classes through Inside ArtCenter and communicate directly with your academic department, the Center for Advising and Academic Success, or the Office of Enrollment Services if you have any questions about Summer term course registration.

Campus access for Summer 2020

We understand students need to make timely decisions on Summer term planning and may wish to be home this summer as we continue remote teaching and learning. We are operating under the assumption that both campuses will be closed for the Summer term, and will reconsider the possibility of allowing controlled access for students only if and when public health officials indicate it is safe to do so. Since all courses and learning outcomes will be designed for remote learning, students who choose to leave Pasadena will be able to do so without penalty, and without any expectation that they return to campus during the Summer term. 

ArtCenter Lite

Students who choose to register for less-than full-time status should know that doing so will not count against any limitations of Lite terms. Therefore, if you have already taken two Lite terms, you will be allowed to take less than 12 units in Summer 2020, and it will not count as a third Lite term. 

For our international students

Due to student visa requirements, international students may only enroll in an ArtCenter Lite term, pursue an internship this summer or take a term off only after they have completed two consecutive semesters (Fall 2019 and Spring 2020) as full-time students. International students who choose to return home will not jeopardize their current student visa status by registering for the Summer term and completing courses remotely. The College, however, cannot predict the ability for individuals to return to the U.S. Individual questions should be directed to our international student advisors in the Center for the Student Experience (CSE) at international@artcenter.edu.  

College offices

Campus offices will remain available to students through remote access only (telephone, email or virtual meetings, as determined by individual offices and available staff members) in Summer 2020, so please continue to reach out to those valuable campus resources for help and support.

I know that these are uncertain and challenging times. And yet, the need for artists and designers to shape and inform the world has never been greater. As the industry and creative practices are pivoting how they work and engage, ArtCenter students have the opportunity now to shape what that future looks like.

We look forward to continuing the journey with you as you make progress toward your degree. 

Lorne Buchman


ArtCenter College of Design