November 17, 2021

Spring Term 2022 Staffing

Dear Staff:

In March 2020, we quickly moved administrators and support staff to remote work until December 31, 2021. As we continue to manage the College through the pandemic, and as we move toward post-pandemic, we are approaching the spring term to have as full of an on-campus experience as possible.  We are taking this approach to provide our students with the experience they have been longing for as they work toward their degrees. The restrictions on their on-campus experiences have been difficult.

Our decision for the spring term is informed by our College vaccination rates, the safety protocols we’ve had in place since January 2020, and local, state and national guidelines.

Safety remains a top priority. Please see the following links to stay updated on our practices, policies, procedures and protocols:

COVID response:
Campus access:
Vaccination processing:

With that said, your supervisors have been asked to review their operations and create work schedules accordingly to have an on-campus presence. Department heads have been given staffing guidelines to meet the needs of campus experiences and operations. You will be informed of your work schedule by no later than December 1.

If you have any questions, please email at

Thank you for your continued cooperation.