November 21, 2022

Mujeres Hispanas y Tipografia Bilingual Catalog is Now Available

Published by Hoffmitz Milken Center for Typography   

Celebrating the histories and cultures of Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America, ArtCenter College of Design’s Hoffmitz Milken Center for Typography is proud to announce the publication of Mujeres Hispanas y Tipografía.

Mujeres Hispanas y Tipografía (Hispanic Women of Typography) is a bilingual catalog documenting the Typographer-in-Residence program hosted by the Hoffmitz Milken Center for Typography (HMCT) in 2021. Highlighting the talent and contribution of five Hispanic women designers, researchers and educators to the field of graphic design and typography, it reflects on the influences that individual cultures and histories had on their investigations. Included is the work of Sandra García and Dafne Martínez (Colombia and Mexico), Laura Meseguer (Spain), Marina Garone Gravier (Argentina/Mexico), and Jimena Gamio (Peru/Los Angeles). The catalog is comprised of four booklets describing each project in depth, plus folio cover.  

Residents and Titles
Laura Meseguer, Ella: Between Stencil Type and Calligraphy
Marina Garone, The Editor Carolina Amor de Fournier
Jimena Gamio, Quechua, The People’s Speech
TipasType, Achtli: A Typeface for Early Readers  

From the Forward
Mujeres Hispanas y Tipografía, the 2021 HMCT Typographers-in- Residence program, reflects the influences that individual cultures and histories had on the investigations of five designers, researchers and educators—embedded in Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, and Peru—and what they deemed important and relevant to their interest in language, graphic design and typography.  

Laura Meseguer (Spain) introduces a morphological typeface design study exploring how classic calligraphy models can be adapted into stencil style fonts and perform as a contem­porary digital typeface. An essay by Marina Garone Gravier (Argentina/Mexico) highlights Carolina Amor de Fournier and her pioneering role in teaching the history of books and typogra­phy in Mexico. As founder of the label La Prensa Médica Mexicana and later, Editorial Fournier, Fournier’s editorial work centered around scientific publishing. Jimena Gamio (Peru /Los Angeles) examines Quechua, one of the world’s primary language families spoken by almost 10 million people in the Andean region of South America, and the remaining influences it has on Peruvian Spanish. Finally, based on the results of a field study that explored how children responded to various typefaces, Sandra García and Dafne Martínez (Colombia and Mexico) created a typeface that facilitates the process of learning to read.  

This publication is a documentation of their research, design, and investigations, and celebrates the talents and contributions of these Hispanic women to the field of graphic design and typography.  

Hoffmitz Milken Center for Typography
Bilingual Catalog
ISBN: 978-1-7334137-4-9  

10.5 in x 15 in (26 cm x 38 cm)
244 pages
Description: four booklets with folio  

1. Laura Meseguer ——— 68 pages
2. Marina Garone ———— 64 pages
3. Jimena Gamio ————— 60 pages
4. TipasType ———————— 52 pages
Binding: saddle-stitched booklets and folded folio  

Publication date
October 2022  

How to order
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About the HMCT Typographer-in-Residence Program: The Typographer-in-Residence program embeds researchers, artists, designers, and educators in the Center for a six-week period. The residency offers the opportunity to further investigate the importance and relevance of language and typography in the participant’s professional practice or personal research. In 2021, five international designers, Hispanic women typographers and researchers, independently addressed areas of interest during their month-long residency, culminating in a presentation on International Women’s Day March 8, 2021.  

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Mujeres Hispanas y Tipografía is a bilingual catalog documenting the Typographer-in-Residence program hosted by HMCT in 2021.
Image courtesy of HMCT.