January 11, 2022

Classes starting on Zoom, phased approach to campus return

As we look forward to the start of the Spring term, we continue to adhere to public health guidelines and consider feedback received from members of our community. Following last week’s (January 6) announcement regarding the Spring 2022 term and campus access, we have made some adjustments and modifications to our protocols for this term.

Classes Starting on Zoom
While classes will take place as scheduled, we have decided to take a phased approach to our return to campus as follows:

  1. All classes will meet on Zoom during Week 1 (January 15–21). Access to campus facilities (Student Store, Library, Shops, etc.) will be available starting Week 1, some with modified hours.

  2. Classes that require early access to maker spaces, labs, individual studios, hands-on demos, etc. will return to campus beginning Week 2 (January 22). Chairs will identify these classes and students will be notified.

  3. The remaining classes scheduled to meet on campus will do so beginning Week 3 (January 29).
  4. Classes scheduled to meet online will continue to meet online throughout the term.

Ongoing Flexibility
The College will continue to allow flexibility to students based on legitimate need. This may be due to certain travel restrictions as the term begins or in consideration of other health and safety precautions. As a reminder, anyone who is feeling ill (for any reason) throughout the term is required to stay home. In all cases, students must communicate directly with their faculty if they anticipate an inability to attend class.

Masks and Face Covers (POLICY UPDATE)
Medical grade multi-layered masks/face covers are required for all individuals regardless of vaccination status except when alone in a closed office. Anyone who shows up with a cloth mask (which is no longer recommended as the sole method for respiratory protection) or without a mask at all will be provided a medical-grade mask by the College.

Food and Drinks (POLICY CHANGE)
All food and drink must be consumed outside or in campus spaces where no one else is present (administrative offices, empty classrooms, etc.). We are exploring ways to increase outdoor seating and make other accommodations to ensure a safe and comfortable environment. Please also remember to sanitize surfaces before and after you eat.

Class Delivery and Staff Schedules
All classes that are currently scheduled to be online will continue to be online as planned. Nearly 40% of courses offered during the Spring term will be completely online, contributing to our overall ability to support physical and social distancing. Students should consult with their faculty regarding the current modality being offered for their classes.

At the same time, administrative staff will observe staggered and flexible work schedules as originally planned to allow for greater social distancing.

Public Health Guidelines
ArtCenter has every confidence in our existing health and safety protocols. Local and county public health officials have approved ArtCenter’s plans to offer classes on campus as scheduled due to our low positivity rate and existing protocols. While there are people in our community who have tested positive as a result of off-campus activities, our numbers remain very low.

A start of classes on Zoom, however, allows us to address the concerns expressed by some members of our community regarding travel restrictions and access to vaccines, and help ease into our collective return to campus.

Vaccines and Boosters
Anyone accessing ArtCenter’s campus must be fully vaccinated, including boosters when eligible or otherwise have an approved exemption. For additional information and to submit proof of vaccination, visit Inside ArtCenter.

We will continue to monitor the pandemic and adhere to local, county and public health guidelines.

If you have any questions or if you would like additional information on policies or procedures, please email ehs@artcenter.edu.

We look forward to welcoming you back to campus very soon.

Lorne M. Buchman


ArtCenter College of Design

Karen Hofmann


ArtCenter College of Design