New York Times

An Artist Explores the Lives of Girls Labeled Difficult

Assessing the social and cultural impact of ArtCenter alum Sharon Lockhart's ethnographic approach to filmmaking and photography

Untold Stories

“Doing what you love for a living means (almost) never having to work a day in your life.”

Michael Heller (BFA 90 Photography)

Korea Times

For ArtCenter Alum and Concept Artist, DreamWorks is a Dream Come True

“My last project was launching Google’s new logo, brand identity, and voice UI. That, I felt, was as close to 'redesigning Google' as I could get. It was time for something new.”

Jonathan Jarvis (MFA 09 Media Design Practices) on leaving Google to launch a start-up

New York Times

Modern Love: No Sound, No Fury, No Marriage

Illustrated by ArtCenter Illustration faculty, Brian Rea