Photo alum Amanda Greene explores her Southern roots in this compelling photo essay

The New York Times

“The vehicle will become an extension of your Apple device.” Garrett DeBry, designer of Motor Trend’s imagined Apple Car

Motor Trend

“MDP allowed me to think much bigger then just as a graphic designer. It took a "big D" design perspective and skewed my relationship to design thinking through a human centered systems perspective.”

Chris Becker (MFA 10 Media Design Practices)

“There’s no law that says art museums have to be pretentious,”

Gregory Rodriguez

MoMA to close galleries dedicated to architecture and design

The Architects Newspaper

Why Taking Time To Play Can Change The Results Of Your Work

Fast Company

Untold Stories

“Though they look very different, my comics and my narrative paintings both have the theme of the outsider trying to fit in.”

Esther Pearl Watson (BFA 95 Fine Art)