Methods of Payment

Single Payment Plan

Full payment is due on Friday of the first week of school.

Installment Payment Plan

Any student who has not paid tuition and fees in full by the Friday of Week 1 will be enrolled in the Payment Plan and will be assessed a $75 Payment Plan fee. Tuition can be paid in three equal installments and must be paid in full before registering for the next term.

Financial aid (scholarships, grants and loans) posted to the student’s tuition account will reduce the amount due on the due date(s) following the date the financial aid is posted to the account.

Due Dates and Payment Process

Installment Tuition Payment Plan

The ArtCenter Student Accounts Office offers a payment plan that allows students to divide their tuition payments into monthly installments. The payment option is available for a non-refundable set up fee of $75. Account information is available 24 hours a day on Inside.ArtCenter for current students. You must have your tuition paid off in order to register for the following semester.

Financial aid will be credited to your account and deducted from the amount due. If you are expecting financial aid, please only pay the amount that is not covered by your aid. This can be viewed online by the student by logging in to For more information, visit the Student Accounts (Cashier) Inside page.

Refunds on tuition overpayments are available only after tuition and fees are paid in full, and your account has a credit balance.

Tuition may be paid online by credit card, ACH, wire, or by check. Payments are made on the Student Finance Dashboard. Alert: Please note that a non-refundable Service Fee of 2.85% will be charged for ALL payments by credit/debit cards.

Select the ACH-eCheck in the payment method to avoid the Service Fee

Please note: Students will not be able to register for the next term until the prior term balance is paid in full. If you have any questions, please contact Additional information can be found on the Student Accounts page on Inside.

For more information, visit the Student Accounts (Cashier) Inside page.