Graduate Degrees at ArtCenter

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ArtCenter’s renowned graduate programs offer designers and artists exceptional opportunities to create unique and personal career and life paths—all within the dynamic social, cultural and intellectual context of Southern California.

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Art (MFA)

Discover the freedom, support and expertise to become any kind of artist you can imagine.


Brand Design and Strategy (MDes)

Take a leadership position in developing overall brand awareness for companies, service providers and individuals.


Furniture, Lighting and Fixtures (MS)

Investigate the evolving needs of how furniture and light connect us to our environment.

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Film (MFA)

Redefine the existing media landscape with visually innovative, narratively engaging personal filmmaking.


Graphic Design (MFA)

Create change through the practice of graphic design by following a simple path in pursuit of great ideas: See. Do. Lead.

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Industrial Design (MS)

Develop design solutions to today's most complex and unstructured problems in business, enterprise and social innovation.


Interaction Design (MDes)

Deliver an unparalleled user experience using emerging technology, strategic communications and design innovation.

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Media Design Practices (MFA)

Apply new ideas from design, science, technology and culture to impact social issues in a global context.


Spatial Experience Design (MS)

Design and define the future of our living environment rather than merely following trends.

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Transportation Systems and Design (MS)

Develop compelling, sustainable and viable transportation and mobility solutions for an inspired future.

Much like a conservatory for performing artists, we offer a dedicated place for talented art and design students to grow and thrive.

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At A Glance

  • Undergraduate students: 1,912
  • Graduate students: 270
  • Full-time faculty: 128
  • Part-time faculty: 353
  • Student/Faculty Ratio: 8:1
  • Students who Receive Financial Aid: 79%
  • Average Class Size (Undergraduate): 9.5
  • Average Class Size (Graduate): 7.1

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