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MFA Degrees at ArtCenter

ArtCenter’s MFA programs provide artists and designers an opportunity to refine their craft within a professional context across a variety of disciplines.

From fine artists and graphic designers to filmmakers and design innovators, our four MFA programs are preparing the next generation of makers, thinkers and leaders each with their own unique approach to communication, storytelling, aesthetics and inquiry. Apply now or learn more about each program below.

Graduate Art

Providing students with the freedom, support and expertise to become any kind of artist they can imagine—within specific disciplines or across them—the Graduate Art program encourages divergent ideas and methods as students balance rigorous critical, academic and practical coursework with one-on-one studio visits with faculty.

Graduate Film

ArtCenter's Graduate Film program provides developing filmmakers with an immersive opportunity to refine and expand their visual storytelling abilities under the mentorship and guidance of top Hollywood talent and decision makers. Students create their own personal work, with a focus on directing, screenwriting, cinematography, editing or producing.

Graduate Graphic Design

Extending the boundaries of communication design, the Graduate Graphic Design program provides an immersive education in craft, design leadership and strategic thought, preparing the next global generation of designers to influence companies, communities and society at large. Studies reach across a transmedia platform that includes print, interaction, motion, packaging and mediatecture.

Graduate Media Design Practices

Using design to question the present, Graduate Media Design Practices students investigate the intersection of culture, technology and design through the exploration of emerging technologies, development of new methodologies, and application of design to global social issues.

ArtCenter offers a wide range of MFA degrees for artists, designers and filmmakers eager to explore new territory.

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