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Industrial Design at ArtCenter

Industrial Designers are makers and thinkers who create and develop concepts that optimize the way we live.

ArtCenter's Graduate Programs offer four specialized paths through which our students develop their professional expertise as industrial designers, with each Master of Science (MS) curriculum providing its own unique conceptual and applied approach to design thinking and making. Apply now or learn more about each program below.

Graduate Spatial Experience Design

Focusing on the parameters of sensory-based design, the study of Spatial Experience Design deepens students' understanding of our relationship to the spaces we inhabit and the fixtures occupying them by looking beyond the confines of style to consider the links between the psychological, physical, emotional and sensory effects of design.

The Spatial Experience Design program focuses on designing branded environments such as restaurants, storefronts, exhibitions, residences, workplaces, and more that communicate through their explorations of the relationship between body, materials, space and emotions.

Graduate Furniture, Lighting and Fixtures

In the Furniture, Lighting and Fixtures Design program, we approach these connections in object, space, place, body, function and application from a human-centered perspective that understands furniture and lighting design as integral to our experience of the world.

Graduate Industrial Design

Combining the pursuit of extraordinary product design and making skills with the knowledge, theories and methods that are essential for creating new value for enterprise and social innovation in a context of complex, project-based challenges.

Students enrolled in our Grad ID program have an opportunity to earn a dual MS/MBA degree in Innovation Systems Design, offered in conjunction with the Drucker School of Management.

Graduate Transportation Systems and Design

Reimagining sustainable transportation and viable mobility solutions, Graduate Transportation Systems and Design prepares makers from a variety of academic backgrounds to become thought leaders for exciting new enterprises that will disrupt mobility practices and propel us forward into an inspired future.

ArtCenter offers a range of graduate degrees specializing in Industrial Design.

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