Motion Design Track

Become a visual narrative storyteller with specialized skills in graphic design, illustration and film.

Motion serves the fields of advertising, public service announcements, music videos and the film industry — ranging from episodic title sequencing to VFX for movies and commercials. In the digital product space, motion designers work hand-in-hand with UX designers (user experience) to provide movement in interface design, defining the user experience.

Career Opportunities

  • Cross-platform brand identity designer
  • development/motion designer

Key Courses that Best Represent This Track

  • Advanced Motion Studio
  • Type 5 Motion
  • Sequential design 3

What You'll Learn

Concept development; principles of cinematography; high-fidelity image-making design skills in illustration, graphic design and photography; 2D/3D animation and design; typography/logo identity; production methodology.

Notable alumni

Through eye-catching visuals, our graduates define the brands, experiences, music and movies you love.

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Track Director
ArtCenter Motion Design track director Ming Tai

Ming Tai

Emmy winning designer/creative director

Motion Design

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