Material Science Minor

ArtCenter's Material Science Minor provides a fundamental knowledge of engineering and fabrication, allowing you to understand how a variety of industrial and design materials are used and applied. Additionally, you'll learn about cutting-edge materials changing the field, including nanomaterials, biomaterials and advanced composites.

Our Material Science Minor is ideal for industrial design majors, but is applicable to a variety of art and design practices — from prototyping to procurement.

Key Courses Include:

  • Intro to Materials for ID
  • Theory of Structure
  • Properties of Artistic Materials
  • Nanotechnology and Design
  • Materials and Methods 1
  • Science and Sustainability
  • Design for Sustainability
  • Light and Color
  • Manufacturing Technology
  • One capstone TDS or HSCI course with
  • materials emphasis
two students discuss fabric options in cmtel


The Color, Materials and Trends Exploration Laboratory (CMTEL) hosts classes, lectures, workshops and projects emphasizing color, materials, trends and technology


Working in CMTEL