Program Learning Outcomes

Trans-disciplinary and Team-based Collaboration

  • Students will learn to collaborate across disciplines, including partners and living experts from various fields and backgrounds, on real world projects that support social innovation

Anti-racist and Decolonial Perspectives

  • Students will learn frameworks to use to understand and interrogate their disciplines within broader histories of oppression and apply to designing for a more humane and equitable future

Design Research and Ethics

  • Students will engage multiple perspectives through an ethical participatory research approach that promotes co-learning and co-creation

Community Values, Social Change and Advocacy

  • Students will demonstrate an understanding of cultural context, stakeholder values, and conditions inherent to topic; under key pillars** to provide framework for projects that combine purpose with action

A Culture of Equity-Minded Designers

  • Students will collaborate on projects applied to real world issues to become a critical and reflective social change advocate through community-engaged research and design process that leads to impactful project deliverables and a more inclusive and equitable society

**social entrepreneurship, public policy, health, sustainable development, and social justice