Academic Resources

Office of the Provost

Anne Burdick
Interim Provost

India Dunnington
Senior Coordinator, Office of the Provost
india.dunnington@artcenter.edu626 396-2408

Faculty Affairs

Ted Young
Associate Provost for Faculty Affairs
ted.young@artcenter.edu626 396-4281

Sam Holtzman
Director, Faculty Development
sam.holtzman@artcenter.edu626 396-2479

Wendee Lee
Faculty Director, Teaching and Learning

Megan Segota

Coordinator, Faculty Affairs
megan.segota@artcenter.edu626 396-4390

Center for Educational Effectiveness

Leslie D. Johnson
Associate Provost, Academic Affairs and Educational Effectiveness
leslie.johnson@artcenter.edu626 396-4238

Stephanie Marshall
Director, Educational Effectiveness and Operations
stephanie.marshall@artcenter.edu626 396-2458

Office of Institutional Research

Esmeralda Nava
Assistant Provost, Institutional Research and Educational Strategy
esmeralda.nava@artcenter.edu626 396-2267

Sarah Gass
Research Analyst
sarah.gass@artcenter.edu626 396-4374

Christopher Mendez
Assistant Research Analyst
christopher.mendez@artcenter.edu626 396-2457

Academic Advising

Patty Hernandez
Director, Academic Advising
patty.hernandez@artcenter.edu626 396-4282

Brian Gershey
Senior Academic Advisor, Academic Advising
brian.gershey@artcenter.edu626 396-4386

Alejandra Pallares
Academic Advisor, Academic Advising
alejandra.pallares@artcenter.edu626 396-4373

Student Affairs

Ray Quirolgico
Associate Provost for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
ray.quirolgico@artcenter.edu626 396-2323

Celeste Guarneri
Director, Student Life
celeste.guarneri@artcenter.edu626 396-2473

Jeonghan Ryu
Associate Director, PDSO, International Student Services
jeonghan.ryu@artcenter.edu626 396-2370

Professional Development and Industry Engagement

Kristine Bowne
Vice President, Professional Development and Industry Engagement
kristine.bowne@artcenter.edu626 396-2474

Robbie Nock
Associate Vice President, Entrepreneurship and Professional Practice 626 396-4212

Amanda Webb

Director, Career and Professional Development
amanda.webb@artcenter.edu626 396-2298

Katie Perkins
Director, Exchange and Study Away
katie.perkins@artcenter.edu626 396-4394

ArtCenter Extension and Online Education

Rose Piccioni
Associate Provost, ArtCenter Extension and Online Education
rosemarie.piccioni@artcenter.edu626 396-4377

Kevin Lipnos
Executive Director, Creative Educational Media
Dana L. Walker-Juick

Managing Director, ArtCenter Extension
dana.walker-juick@artcenter.edu626 396-2376

Paula Goodman

Director, K-12 Programs
paula.goodman@artcenter.edu626 396-2347

Michael Hanson
Director, Creative Operations

Kelsey Amara
Associate Director, Creative Education Studio
Sean Dundas
Associate Director, Creative Education Studio
Luis Silva
Associate Director, Creative Education Studio
luis.silva@artcenter.edu626 396-4342

Faviola Nunez del Arco

Manager, Public Programs
faviola.nunezdelarco@artcenter.edu626 396-2428

Stephen Pfann
Manager, Creative Operations
Cecilia “C.C.” Ybarra

Outreach Program Manager
cecilia.ybarra@artcenter.edu626 396-4235


Mario A. Ascencio
College Librarian and Managing Director
James Lemont Fogg Memorial Library
mario.ascencio@artcenter.edu626 396-2231

Robert Dirig
College Archivist, ArtCenter Archives
robert.dirig@artcenter.edu626 396-2208