Stephen Nowlin

Stephen Nowlin

Vice President, Exhibitions/ Director, Williamson Gallery


Stephen Nowlin is an artist/curator and a vice president at ArtCenter College of Design where he holds the position of founding director for the College’s Alyce de Roulet Williamson Gallery. His curatorial emphasis and writing focuses on the intersection of science and art. He earned an MFA degree in fine art at ArtCenter and a BFA in design at California Institute of the Arts.

His recent projects include MOONS, 21018, the art, science, and puzzlements of 200 solar system moons; ECLIPSE, 2017/18, contemporary thoughts and objects in celebration of the Great American Eclipse, August 21, 2017; UNCERTAINTY, art, science, and the poetics of provisional knowledge; REALSPACE, 2014/15, a reflection on the nature of pictorial space and the rise of science in the 19th century. Earlier partnerships with artists and science organizations include OBSERVE, 2008, a collaboration with the NASA/JPL Spitzer Science Center; EAR(th), 2004, a sound installation with artist Steve Roden and Caltech Geophysicist Mark Simons; and NEURO, 2003, an art and science collaboration with the Center for Neuromorphic Systems Engineering, Caltech.

He has written essays for publications such as New York Brooklyn Rail, SciArt Magazine, Leonardo Journal, Interalia Magazine, STEAM Journal, Skeptical Inquirer Magazine, and KCET Artbound.

Nowlin’s current project, DARK MATTER(s), will debut at the Williamson Gallery in February, 2020.