Gaganraj "Raj" Rihal

Illustration / Product Dsgn


Raj Rihal is an accomplished concept artist, designer, entrepreneur and educator with over 15 years experience developing content for Academy Award winning motion pictures, international architecture, theme parks, games, consumer products and educational institutions. He is a veteran of over 40 motion pictures, most notably Black Panther—winner of the Academy Award for Production Design. 

Raj is also an entrepreneur and patent holder—generating over 200k in revenue for his company Duo Technical Gear—an innovative dog product company.

He has taught classes in Product Design, Entertainment and Illustration.


  • PRD-202-01: Visual Communication 3
  • ILL-355-03: Dynamic Sketching for Illustra
  • ILL-102-01: Viscom Fundamentals 1
  • PRD-202-02: Visual Communication 3