Damien Vizcarra

Product Dsgn


Damien is a Principal Industrial Designer with over a decade of experience with Continuum's Los Angeles, Boston, Shanghai, and Seoul studios. He leads teams of designers and engineers through programs focusing on design language and new product development. His passions lie in visually translating consumer insights into objects and experiences that embody a harmonious balance of user aspirations, functional needs, and aesthetic appeal.


  • PRD-350-01: 6th Term Review
  • PRD-455-01: Product Capstone Project
  • PRD-215-03: Product Design 4
  • PRD-256-01: Visual Communication 4
  • PRD-256-03: Visual Communication 4
  • PRD-455-02: Product Capstone Project
  • TDS-324C-01: Alienware Sponsored Studio
  • PRD-400-01: 7th Term Review
  • PRD-202-02: Visual Communication 3