Ania Borysiewicz

Graphic Dsgn / Spatial Experience Design / Product Dsgn


Ania Borysiewicz is the creative director and founder of Ladder Design, a graphic design studio based in Manhattan Beach, California. In 1999, she earned a BFA in Graphic Communication and Packaging Design from ArtCenter and an MA in Depth Psychology and Creativity from Pacifica Graduate Institute. Her upbringing and education in Poland, Germany, and the United States exposed Ania to a broad range of thought and culture she expresses through a fiery offering of passion, intellect, and practical functionality. Ania’s multicultural and transdisciplinary approach to the symbolic language attempts to interweave depth psychology and arts-based research methodology with the practice of design—a unique blend of disciplines that transcends tradition, taps into the collective unconscious (beyond what is known by the rational mind) and illuminates opportunities to inspire innovation between worlds.


  • GPKG-252-01: Package Design 2: Brand Sys
  • GMGX-662-01: Graduate Packaging Design
  • PRD-442-01: Package Design 2: Brand Sys
  • GPKG-252-03: Package Design 2: Brand Sys
  • SXD-153-01: Design Lab 2