Heidrun Mumper-Drumm

Humanities and Sciences / Product Dsgn / Graphic Dsgn / ArtCenter At Night


Professor Heidrun Mumper-Drumm teaches, conducts research and is director of Sustainability Initiatives at ArtCenter College of Design. Her academic classes and studio courses prepare and challenge designers to create sustainable product service systems that improve environmental performance, while also considering social and economic impact. Her research interests include methods and practices that incorporate life cycle thinking and lead to design innovation.

She was an environmental engineer with Bechtel and Parsons Engineering, where she worked on nuclear and wind energy projects, and managed environmental and cultural compliance for NASA/US Air Force construction projects. Moving from engineering to design, she founded a graphic design and letterpress company and became a faculty member at ArtCenter. She teaches, participates in and holds leadership positions in national and international design organizations, and consults and leads workshops for companies on the integration of sustainability into design practices. She recently completed a masters in sustainability and environmental management at Harvard University.