Frans Vischer



After visiting the Disney studio at age 13, Frans Vischer began making short 8mm animated films. With help from Chuck Jones, who saw one of his films, Vischer was accepted into the CalArts Character Animation program. In 1981, he was hired by the Disney studio, starting in a training program led by Eric Larson, one of Disney's Nine Old Men. Vischer's credits for animating and/or storyboarding include Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Cats Don't Dance, The Road To El Dorado, The Princess and the Frog, Frozen and Mary Poppins Returns. On the recent Netflix show, Green Eggs And Ham, Vischer was the animation director. He's worked internationally for four months in Taiwan and two years in London. Additionally, he's writen and illustrate children's books, including the Fuddles series published by Simon & Schuster. In Spring 2022, he began teaching at ArtCenter.


  • ILL-307-02: Action Analysis
  • ILL-307-01: Action Analysis