Cynthia Woll

Entertainment Design


Cynthia Woll has been a games industry producer and designer for more than 25 years. She has worked for a variety of game publishers and developers, including Atari, EA and Playtika. She has deep expertise in the production and design of games as a service, including both free to play mobile games and MMOs. Until 2016, Cynthia was vice president of product at Playtika Santa Monica, where she oversaw the creative development of content and features for Bingo Blitz, the #1 online/mobile bingo game. She founded Creative Ninja Productions in 2007, and has worked as a consultant on game design and rewards systems for a variety of game and media clients, from AOL to MTV. Prior to her work as a consultant, she was an executive producer at Atari, where she launched two MMOs, Horizons: Empire of Istaria and D&D Online. She has also worked for other top companies in the games industry including Disney, Yahoo! and Mattel. Cynthia has taught game design at USC for the last 3 years.


  • EGAM-361-01: Games As a Service