Istem Ozen

Humanities and Sciences


Born and raised in Turkey and based in Austria, Istem Özen, Ph.D is a materials scientist with experience in both academia and industry. Her work has focused on environmental applications such as photo-catalysis and photo-voltaics, using sunlight as a driver and metal-oxide nano-structures as medium. She took her research and laboratory skills further during her post-doctoral stay at the synchrotron radiation facility in Italy.

With her extended art & science practice, she has participated in several notable art exhibitions. Most recently, she has been looking into perception and nano-materials as artistic landscapes to experience. With more than 10 years of experience in teaching and supervision, she joined ArtCenter in Fall 2021 as a Keck Fellow, in charge of developing the Materials Science Minor further. Additionally, she collaborates with the Vienna University of Technology and the University of Applied Arts Vienna, mainly on STEAM education focused on sustainability.


  • HSCI-320-01: Matter of Life: Earth Outbound
  • HSAP-814A-01: CMF-X Mat Science Sprint