Saul Garlick

Humanities and Sciences


Saul Garlick is co-founder and co-CEO of Fabric, a social app in AR. Garlick founded ThinkImpact, an award-winning global immersion experience for college and graduate students working on social innovation in developing countries. ThinkImpact's innovative impact model is based on "The Innovator," a workbook Saul co-authored. He sold the company in 2018, which was subsequently rolled into a conglomerate of international experiences called Impact Global Education. Saul is the founder of Unleesh, a social, experiential training app dedicated to closing the global skills gap. More than 75,000 individuals have benefited from Unleesh's unique approach to education and training. He's served as president of a nonprofit in West Africa that he helped expand to 19 schools, serving more than 4,000 children daily. Saul is a Truman Scholar, an Inc. 30 under 30 entrepreneur and a graduate of Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins SAIS.