David Mullich

Entertainment Design


David Mullich is a video game designer and producer who has worked at Activision, Disney, Cyberdreams, EduWare, 3DO and the Spin Master toy company. He is currently Development Director at Say Games, co-creator of the Boy Scouts of America Game Design Merit Badge, and a board member of the International Game Developers Association's Los Angeles chapter. At the 2014 Gamification World Congress in Barcelona, Mullich was rated the 14th ranking "Gamification Guru" in social media, and he is a co-author of the book Gamification: Engaging Your Workforce.


  • EGAM-266-01: System Design for Games
  • EGAM-411-01: Advanced Game Project 1 (TDS)
  • EGAM-104-01: Game Design Fundamentals 1
  • EGAM-411-02: Advanced Game Project 1 (TDS)
  • EGAM-411-03: Advanced Game Project 1 (TDS)
  • EGAM-411-04: Advanced Game Project 1 (TDS)
  • EGAM-115-01: Game Design Fundamentals