Susan Marki

Graduate Industrial Dsgn


After a start in financial market research at The Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Susan Marki began her investing career by trading and managing fixed income options with Citibank. She spent many years structuring, trading and managing increasingly sophisticated derivative products in both New York and London for Citibank, Credit Suisse Financial Products and Bankers Trust. She then founded her own firm, The Derivatives Research Group, LLC, where Susan primarily developed trading and hedging strategies for corporate clients. After time off to earn her Chartered Financial Analyst designation and her Certified Financial Planner distinction, Susan opened up Marki Financial Services, LLC a financial planning and wealth management firm where she helps both families and small businesses reach their financial goals. More recently Susan joined the Pasadena Angels where she invests in start-up businesses, and as a member of their Board of Directors, works to develop relationships with other local organizations to support the startup community in Pasadena and Los Angeles. Susan Marki has been on the GradID staff for two years as an instructor of entrepreneurship.


  • IND-681-01: M5 Studio (Thesis)
  • IND-682-01: M6 Studio (Thesis)