Tyler Paulson

Graduate Graphic Design / Graphic Design


Tyler Paulson is an Indiana based UI designer and web developer. Paulson began teaching at ArtCenter during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since 2015, Paulson has operated his own design and development practice with clients including Whiteboard, Riot New Media (creators of Tailored Book Recommendations), Mogiv, and iEARN-USA. After earning a BFA from ArtCenter in 2011, Paulson did UX/UI work for a small agency in San Diego remotely from the Caribbean and later transitioned to an in-house role at an education nonprofit in New York City. In his classes, Paulson advocates for web standards and great typography in user interfaces.


  • GVXD-203-08: Vis Ix Des 1: Intro to UI
  • CRDR-203V-08: Vis Ix Des 1: Intro to UI
  • GVXD-204-01: Web Technologies