Jason Yeh

Graphic Dsgn / Graduate Graphic Design


Jason is a design director living in Los Angeles. As a child, he’d spend days in the projection booth of his family’s local cinema, terrorized by horror movie posters.

After receiving his BFA from Art Center, Jason has worked in silicon valley as a design strategist, Ferroconcrete as brand strategist, Use All Five as an art director, and motion designer at Prologue and National Television. He worked under Kyle Cooper on main title design and VFX for films & games.

In 2012, he found Commodity Fragrances to create personal, bespoke scents for the common people. 
In 2018, he started Massive Assembly, a design studio to help businesses launch products and campaigns. 

Jason’s design & interaction patents resulted hardware products in mixed reality, wearable computing, and mobile user experience. He also has a number of successes in crowdfunding and entrepreneurship. 

Affiliated studios and companies: Prologue, Ferroconcrete, Samsung, Oculus, Myspace, Use All Five, Doug Aitken