Eric Ng

ArtCenter At Night / Entertainment Design


Eric Ng is an educator and concept designer. As a part of the inaugural Entertainment Design class at ArtCenter, he has returned and continued to teach students since 2008. Eric has been a designer for Walt Disney Imagineering R&D and Interactive as well as Sony Online Entertainment and Mattel. He pursues photography as well and has his work featured by Mercedes Benz, MTV and Kotaku. Eric is currently creating captivating images that featuring unique lifestyles as seen in his book, Project: Bazooka.

Courses include: Intro to Entertainment, Perspective, Advanced Perspective, Architcture 2, Entertainment Sketchbook, Viscom 1,2, Visualization 1,2,3


  • ENT-213-01: Entertainment Sketchbook
  • IND-610-01: Visualization 3
  • ACX-463-01: Introduction to Concept Design
  • ECPT-101-01: Perspective 1
  • ECPT-101-02: Perspective 1
  • ECPT-101-03: Perspective 1
  • ECPT-201-01: Advanced Perspective
  • ECPT-201-02: Advanced Perspective
  • ECPT-201-03: Advanced Perspective