Leon Paz

Transportation Design / ArtCenter At Night


A native of Cali, Colombia, Leon Paz's interest in car design was sparked when he first saw a Ferrari 308 GTO at the impressionable age of 8.

He graduated from ArtCenter in 2008 with a degree in Transportation Design and has since worked for companies such as Hyundai's Design and Technical Center, Kia Motors America, Honda Research & Development Americas, and the independent development firm Technicon Design.

Paz has taught "Viscom" Fundamentals (Visual Communication) for both ArtCenter's degree program and extension program. He is also an inaugural instructor for ArtCenter Online, the College's foray into online education for remote learners.


  • TRAN-221-01: Visual 3
  • TRAN-221-02: Visual 3
  • TRAN-102-01: Visual 1
  • ACX-601X-01: Visual 1 (Transportation)
  • TRAN-202-01: Design 3 Interior
  • ACX-074-01: Visual Communication and Form