David Doody

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Dave spent a decade living on a sailboat with his partners, and worked for three years on Santa Catalina Island as a systems engineer. Next, Dave found work with NASA's Deep Space Network as an instructional systems engineer, where he learned all about interplanetary flight and space communications. Since then, Dave has worked as a member of the flight teams on the Voyager outer solar system mission, the Magellan Venus radar mapper, and the Cassini-Huygens mission to Saturn and Titan. Today, he's Senior Engineer and Technical Group Lead with Caltech in JPL's Mission Command and Control group. He's also proprietor of Space Craft International, founded 1987, online at SpacecraftKits.com, and Publisher, Bluroof Press, founded 2011. Dave holds a commercial pilot license, and an MA from Pacific Oaks College. Previously, he was an instructor and instructional design engineer with Japan Air Lines.