Nikola Stefanov

Transportation Design


Experienced Automotive & Transportation designer with a focus on new energy vehicles and a wealth of experience in bringing vehicles to production within a startup atmosphere. 

Divergent 3D 2017 LA Auto Show 3D Printed Chasis Development Blade and Dagger.

Karma Revero 2017 production interior and exterior updates and quality improvements. Executed multiple quality improvements and design/styling updates. 

Embraer Executive Jets. Created multiple design proposals for next generation private jet interior. 

Fisker Atlantic 201X production vehicle exterior design development. Exterior design proposal selected for production. Oversaw program from initial design proposal, scale clay model development to production feasible design prototype.

Fisker Karma 2011 production interior and exterior design.

Fisker Sunset 2009 concept exterior design development. 

Fisker Karma 2008 concept interior design development.

Artega GT 2007 initial exterior design development, Theme selected by client for 1:4 scale and late 1:1 scale clay model development. Eventually production.


  • TRAN-355-01: Model 6
  • TRAN-303-01: Model 5