Jesse Ellico

ArtCenter At Night


Jesse Ellico believes that you have to have fun in your career and he works hard to bring fun and accomplishment to the workplace whether it is the office, airplane hangar or the classroom. Ellico has done many cool things like working on the B2 bomber, teaching at ArtCenter and Otis, racing motorcycles in the Baja 1000 and flying around in airplanes and blowing things up. Airplanes and engineering are his passion. As a mechanical engineer, he loves to take things apart and then putting them back together again. He believes that getting an idea on paper is the first step and from there the magic happens. Whether made by hand or a 3D printer, building a model is an essential part of the narrative of explaining a creation. Ellico believes that it all comes down to the satisfaction of finishing a project and saying, "Hey! I made that!"


  • ACX-423-01: Materials + Modeling