Carla Figueroa

Graphic Dsgn


Carla’s command of typography and passion for innovation drives her independent practice.

Her award-winning work and commitment to quality set her apart in the crowded field of graphic design.

For 4 years Carla was a key member of the ArtCenter College of Design in-house creative team. At ArtCenter Carla provided her unique vision to catalogues, brochures, posters and other external and internal promotional materials.

A second-generation Mexican American Carla was born and raised in Southern California.

She received a BFA from ArtCenter where she taught advanced typography from 1998-2008. Carla’s awards include Gold Case Awards, in 2001 and 1999, The Art Directors Club 78th annual awards, Merit Award in 1999, Graphic Design USA, AIGA Gold winner in 1998 and many others.

Carla still practices graphic design on independent projects as she is busy raising her three sons.


  • GPRT-203-02: Type 3: Context
  • ILL-200-02: Type 3: Context
  • GPRT-203-03: Type 3: Context