John Chambers

Integrated Studies / Graphic Dsgn / Illustration


When John Chambers is asked, "What do you do for living?" his quick answer is "I teach technology to artists." When eyebrows go up and more details are needed, Chambers will begin explaining his early days of teaching Apple Computer's McPaint, McWrite and McDraw (1984). Chambers developed the origin freehand toolbox for the Altsys Corporation (1988), taught experimental web design as a new art form at ArtCenter College of Design (1992), authored multiple books for Macromedia (using Macromedia Director with Lingo - 1997), and achieved #1 in both the Education and Technology categories of Apple's Podcast application (2005). As a software developer, Chambers has the ability to bridge the gap between the programmers' world and the world of the artist. Chambers has been a full-time faculty member since 1987. In his spare time, he travels internationally, teaching music appreciation to grade school children through puppetry. His specially is long string traditional marionettes. However, he can also be seen in some of his 250 annual performances using rod, hand, or shadow puppets. His puppetry work can also be seen on MTV music videos, numerous television commercials, sitcoms, and major motion pictures.


  • INT-100-04: Digital Design 1
  • INT-015-01: Digital Skills Workshop
  • INT-317A-01: Web Portfolio
  • INT-018L-01: Intro Photoshop Lab
  • INT-020L-01: Intro Illustrator Lab