Daniel Hoy

ArtCenter At Night / Graphic Design


Dan is a full-time faculty member and has been an instructor at Art Center for over 20 years. While at Art Center he has led many trans-disciplinary projects for top companies from around the globe including Hewlett-Packard, Nokia, Samsung, Nestle, Nissan Infiniti, FordGlobal, Acer Computers, and others. He has instructed at Woodbury University, Otis, CSUN, and Caltech. He collects antique and unique packaging from around the world, and has a particular interest in materials and sustainability.


  • GPKG-202-01: Package Des 1: Des Principles
  • GPKG-202-02: Package Des 1: Des Principles
  • PRD-441-01: Package Des 1: Des Principles
  • PRD-441-02: Package Des 1: Des Principles
  • GMGX-562-02: Graduate Packaging Design 1
  • ACX-030-01: Intro to Graphic Design
  • ACX-256-01: Introduction to Package Design