Gerardo Herrera

Graphic Dsgn


Gerardo Herrera is an associate and director of brand experience at Design Studio Nuovo.

His unique expertise has driven the creation of numerous compelling and highly successful total brand experience solutions. His combined digital and physical product, packaging, visual communications, user interface, and user experience designs have together resulted in award-winning solutions for mobile communications, augmented reality, and smart and bio-sensing wearables for both consumer and enterprise. Spanning from emerging entry level to premium and luxury marketplaces, and including business to business and electronic commerce, Herrera has consistently designed and led global creative teams to produce market-leading results.

At ArtCenter College of Design, he is a professor and director of the packaging design area of emphasis for the Graphic Design Department and leads his department in the continued development of the curriculum. He also teaches for ArtCenter's Educational Partnerships leading teams for corporate sponsored projects and DesignStorms®, where multidisciplinary teams of design students, professionals and faculty provide future vision while exploring industry challenges. 

Considering all the success in his career, Herrera is most proud of the accomplishments of his students and the award-winning effort and recognition they continue to achieve.


  • GMGX-601-02: Graduate Studio 3
  • GPKG-302-01: Package Des 3: Interactive Sys
  • PRD-312-01: Package Des 3: Interactive Sys
  • GBDS-655-DS1: Capstone Project
  • GMGX-651-01: Graduate Studio 4
  • GPRT-252-03: Comm Des 4: Identity Systems