If I plan to transfer to Art Center from a Community College after two years do I have to take general education courses such as English, Math, and Science before transferring?


Transfer credit can be accepted from colleges or universities that are accredited by one of the six regional associations of schools and colleges—Middle States (MASAC), New England (NEASC), North Central (NCASC), Northwest (NWCCU), Southern (SASAC), Western (WASC)—or by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).

ArtCenter does not require specific college courses to be completed prior to applying or transferring.

Also, since ArtCenter is an art and design school, and not a liberal arts school, our curriculum structure is different than community colleges and liberal arts colleges. Transfering general education courses can lighten your course schedule from term to term, but it will not decrease your overall length of program at ArtCenter because there is never a term where you only take general education classes at ArtCenter.

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