Sewing Lab

Sewing Lab classes teach students how to sew and reinforce core visual, creative, technical and analytical skills.

The Sewing Lab at ArtCenter supports the development of projects by undergraduate and graduate students from all majors, fostering a unique understanding of design research methodologies, business principles, wearable technologies, manufacturing processes, global trends and sustainability. 

While the Sewing Lab is open to all students, it serves as an unofficial base of operations for Product Design students specializing in Wearables and Soft Goods. Studio classes in Wearables and Soft Goods at ArtCenter are not about fashion. Rather, students design footwear, clothing, headwear, equipment, bags and accessories with a focus on the human-centered design process, 3D fabrication and materials innovation.

The Lab also allows Illustration students studying Surface Design an opportunity to explore further the process of developing a design, creating different repeat systems, presenting different design approaches, building a collection based upon a theme and creating working color palettes.

Sewing Lab
South Campus
1111 S. Arroyo Parkway
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ArtCenter continues to provide new and creative outlets for students to explore career opportunities and apply themselves in unique and surprising ways.

Justine ParishDirector, Sewing Lab