Judy Skalsky Memorial Rooftop Garden

Judy Skalsky Memorial Rooftop Garden provides a natural oasis for contemplation and a great location for art openings and intimate gatherings.

At any given moment, the Judy Skalsky Memorial Rooftop Garden atop the 950 building at ArtCenter’s South Campus easily transforms from an event venue to an outdoor teaching plaza to a contemplative green space. The garden is planted with native California flora primarily sustained by the natural weather cycle and accessible by angular paths traverse the roof and offer stunning views of the surrounding San Gabriel Mountains.

The crowning feature of the rooftop garden is three large Texlon skylights that control the amount of natural light and heat that enters the building while providing dramatic illumination at night. Manufactured by European-based Vector Foiltec, the pneumatic polymer cushions feature a custom imprint created for ArtCenter by Toronto-based designer Bruce Mau.

ArtCenters South Campus is one of the first projects in the United States to use the technology, which can also be found in Sochi’s 2014 Olympic Stadium, the Netherlands Floating Pavilion and the City of Anaheim's regional transportation hub.

Judy Skalsky Memorial Rooftop Garden
South Campus
950 S. Raymond Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91105
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