industrial office space with long tables and colorful chairs
Satellite Studio

ArtCenter Berlin

ArtCenter Berlin is a permanent year-round studio for ArtCenter College of Design.

The satellite studio hosts trans-disciplinary projects as well as department led initiatives, giving students a deeply immersive experience in a city known for creative re-invention. The program is designed to deliberately move students from a traditional school setting into the atmosphere of a pop-up design office, organized like a creative agency.

ArtCenter Berlin also provides a critical link to the Berlin and European community through sponsored studios, industry partnerships and collaborations while providing the College an opportunity to host professional educational workshops for alums and the Berlin creative community.

Berlin is known for its central location and ArtCenter’s program urges students to further investigate the rich cultures of Germany and Europe, beyond Berlin. From field trips to nearby Dessau, home of the Bauhaus school, to other major European art and design centers such as London, Amsterdam, Prague, Paris, Milan, Stockholm and more, students broaden their study away experience, gain fresh insight to their work and discover new opportunities.

The Berlin studio builds on the College’s history in Europe, beginning with ArtCenter College of Design’s Swiss campus in Vevey Switzerland. ArtCenter Europe (1986–1996) graduated more than 500 artists and designers, many of whom continue to make a creative impact in our world today.

Michael Sans (left) and Rob Ball

Studying in Berlin

Interview with Michael Sans, Studio Director and Rob Ball, Managing Director


Rob Ball

Managing Director, ArtCenter Berlin



Project Title Pending

Summer 2019 | Graphic Design & HMCT

Testlab Berlin: The Future of Work

Summer 2019 | Environmental Design

Berlin Mediatecture: Greentech

Spring 2019 | Graphic Design

Berlin Fine Art

Spring 2019 | Fine Art

Testlab Berlin: Post Humanism

Fall 2018 | Graphic Design

Pop-Up Berlin: Breitseiten Poster Project

Summer 2018 | Illustration & HMCT

Body in Balance Berlin

Summer 2018 | Environmental Design

Berlin Fine Art

Spring 2018 | Fine Art

Testlab Berlin XIV: The Nervous System

Fall 2017 | Graphic Design, Interaction Design, and Product Design

Testlab Berlin XIII: Future of Sport

Summer 2017 | Product Design

Pop-Up Berlin I: New Eye on Berlin

Summer 2017 | Illustration and Hoffmitz Milken Center for Typography

Testlab Berlin XII: Californication

Summer 2017 | Graduate Graphic Design

Berlin: The City as Portrait

Spring 2017 | Photography + Imaging

Testlab Berlin XI: Real-Time Design | Socialtecture

Fall 2016 | Graphic Design and Advertising

Berlin Collective IV: New Berlin Collective: Visual Travel Journal

Summer 2016 | Illustration

Testlab X: Future of Telecommunications: Vodafone sponsored studio

Summer 2016 | Product Design

Testlab Berlin IX: Dining Design Berlin

Summer 2016 | Environmental Design

Berlin: The City as Portrait

Spring 2016 | Photography & Imaging

Testlab Berlin VIII: Head to Toe Berlin

Summer 2015 | Product Design

Testlab Berlin VII: Berlin Unplugged

Fall 2014 | Graphic Design

Testlab Berlin VI: Berlin Hospitality Design

Summer 2014 | Environmental Design

Testlab Berlin V: Neo Americana: The Future of Transmedia Branding

Fall 2013 | Graphic Design

Testlab Berlin IV: Re-Boot Retail

Summer 2013 | Environmental Design and Graphic Design

Berlin Collective II

Fall 2012 | Illustration

Testlab Berlin III: Mobilities 2022

Summer 2012 | Graphic Design

The Berlin Collective I

Fall 2011 | Illustration

Presentations at DMY design festival


Testlab Berlin II: NextGen Health & Wellness: Johnson&Johnson sponsored studio

Summer 2011 | Environmental Design and Graphic Design

Testlab Berlin I: Johnson&Johnson sponsored studio

Summer 2010 | Environmental Design and Graphic Design

Fresh Eyes Berlin sponsored studio

2006 | Environmental Design and Graphic Design

Berlin Studio Abroad

2003 | Environmental Design