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Submit completed film or video projects of at least five minutes total running time, but running no longer then 20 minutes. The filmed work should tell a story or present a point of view, rather than simply record a situation.

The work should demonstrate concern for photographic composition, staging, editing, sound and competent post-production. Submitted work may be a documentary, drama, comedy or several 30- to 60-second commercial spots or music videos.

Still photographs, prints and artwork are helpful additions, but do not replace the required film work. Portfolio work is only accepted via link to Vimeo by indicating your link along with your application or on NTSC DVD. These should be authored with properly working menus if there is more than one piece to view. Do not use Slideroom for submission. Care should be taken with the compression of the video and the packaging of the DVD in order to best present one's work.

In the written statement accompanying your application, keep in mind that we are particularly interested in learning what inspired you to make films, what sorts of films you want to make, and a brief description of your favorite filmmakers.

For instructions on submitting your work, follow the submission options in How to Submit Your Work.

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