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Undergraduate Degrees

At ArtCenter, students learn by doing in small studio classes led by a faculty of practicing artists and designers.

This is an extraordinary time to be an artist or designer. Creative individuals are uniquely positioned to make a difference by offering innovative perspectives and solutions to real-world issues. At ArtCenter College of Design, we believe a comprehensive art and design education is the foundation for success.

ArtCenter students are encouraged to expand beyond the boundaries of a traditional art and design education by participating in a wide range of learning experiences including: transdisciplinary studios that foster collaboration among faculty and students from various majors around topics of mutual interest; studios abroad, where students experience the world beyond the classroom; and Designmatters projects applying design solutions to social and humanitarian needs.

This richness and variety is at the heart of the ArtCenter experience, where the course of study has been reimagined to address the opportunities and demands of the contemporary world. An ArtCenter education inspires and prepares artists and designers to be the creative leaders of the future. The experience gained here will prove invaluable as our graduates pursue their personal and professional goals.

Undergraduate Degrees

ArtCenter offers 11 undergraduate degrees equipping students with the latest tools and techniques necessary to thrive in today’s creative landscape.

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Forging The Frontier Of Our Cinematic Future: Meet Filmmaker Michael Reisinger

ArtCenter has taught me that creative inspiration arises from a process of perpetual observation, critical inquiry and fearless experimentation.

Connie BakshiEnvironmental Design Student
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