ArtCenter Website Credits

ArtCenter Credits

The ArtCenter website is managed by the Marketing and Communications Department.

Marketing and Communications Staff

Teri Bond
Director, Media Relations

Ellie Eisner
Director, Production

Jered Gold
Vice President, Marketing and Communications

Audrey Krauss
Design/Production Specialist

Winnie Li
Art Director/Senior Designer

Anna Macaulay
Specialist, Digital and Campus Communications

Kirstin McLatchie
Web Production Manager

Juan Posada
Photographer and Image Manager

Solvej Schou
Senior Writer

Alex Seth
Transmedia Graphic Designer

Luis Silva
Multimedia Content Coordinator

Christine Spines
Director, Digital Content

JoJo Tardino
Director, Special Events

Scott Taylor
Creative Director

Mike Winder
Editorial Director

Additional support is provided by ArtCenter’s Information Technology Department.

The website and short films were created in partnership with Los Angeles-based digital agency Hello Design.